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HD P1.2 LED Screen

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LED screen advertising is an effective solution to advertise your business. Studies suggest the average Chinese views more than 5000 ads per day, so what can you do to help your business stand out?
Historically, LED screen advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising known and is still used today as a primary marketing method. One reason billboard advertising is so effective is because your advertisement receives ideal exposure and visibility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
At RADIANT Screen, we offer the High resolution LED screen in China, its brought award winning 1.2 pixels pitch to bring amazing and immersive experience in China.
HD LED display—which attract public attention by advertising, you can significantly grow brand awareness for your business. With fine pixels pitch and good brightness, especially when placed in a strategic location. Combined with the right message, your advertisement will quickly draw in interest and desire.
● Pixel Density: 620000 pixels/㎡
● Light weight ≤7.8/pcs
● Avg. Power Consumption :240 W/㎡
● Panel Material: Die – casting aluminum
● Easy to assemble
● There are no visible interconnection
● No additional construction on the building
● Easy to wash
● No noise
● Cost effective
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