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RADIANT Technology Co., LTD launched in Transparent LED Display

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At RADIANT LED screen not only do we manufacture and install many fixed LED screens,  but we are often asked to manufacture LED screens and displays that can be see through. The LED screens perform very well in events and are ideal for use at shopping mall and stage, building glossy and advertising or promotions. 
With stylish, delicate forms, perfect looking surface. Transparent LED technology from RADIANT combines fragility of design with high-end capabilities that outperform existing systems of content displaying many times.
Led display in Shenzhen, where it got a lot of attention.For transparent led display, no visible interconnection,light weight,  transparency, etc,with a lot of advantages in one,its will Shocked the world and match many user interest.
The LED technology is an see-through displays solutions which RADIANT has been working on since 2007’s. The line-up includes both transparent LED advertising display and transparent LED poster.
RADIANT transparent LED The technology features transparent LED components applied on a clear mesh. As explained in RADIANT’s overview, for better transparency each pixel includes open or clear area along with the three primary sub-pixels (red, green and blue). 
Let alone the potential of producing transparent display, LED is surely ahead of conventional visual technologies. Because of their light-emitting nature,the brightness can be controled according to your require.
Due to its transparency, the display enables unusual options for content displaying and creation of customer-engaging experience. 
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