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We are proud of RADIANT LED !

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Mobilize social forces, and guide the community charity, raise charitable funds to provide assistance and services to the vulnerable groups of society, and make positive contributions to improving the material conditions and social environment for the participation of clients in social life.
Today : 
we are in the name of "good" together, thanksgiving and praising everyone for the China Council of lions clubs contribution to the cause of public welfare. As we all know, charity, good deeds, has always been the traditional Chinese virtues. RADIANT LED CO.,LTD, special as the representative of the public to show the spirit of volunteerism represented by the goodwill and public welfare.
Charity public welfare undertakings, is a common cause of the whole society, enterprises as a special citizen, not only social organizations, but also members of society. But also need to put into action to bear the social responsibility of corporate citizenship.
RADIANT LED is particularly keen on public welfare, and never stop the  way of public welfare.
Let's say it loudly:" We love RADIANT LED. We are proud of RADIANT LED."
Finally,thank you for your support, hope that more and more people join the public welfare.